AMBR Detroit Launches a New Website for Emagine Entertainment

November 3, 2019

emagine theatre

We’re proud to announce the launch of a reimagined web experience for Emagine Entertainment. Emagine Entertainment’s affiliates own and operate luxury theatres in Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Emagine operates theatres with a combined 24,500 seats and 208 screens. Emagine has led the way in bringing luxury theatres to the metropolitan Detroit market. Emagine enjoys the honor and distinction of being named “Best Movie Theatre” for several years running by the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News, and WDIV television.

Redesigning The Big Screen

Emagine has perfected the movie-going experience with leather recliners, super Emax screens, valet parking and gourmet snacks and cocktails. Our goal was to create a website that was equally customer-focused with a seamless experience from browsing showtimes to applauding the final credits.

Behind The Scenes

As a part of the project, we redesigned the entire checkout experience, reducing the number of clicks to purchase a ticket by half. The ticket delivery emails were optimized to be viewed and scanned on mobile devices. We developed a complex integration system in order to sync movie data from Vista. Advanced analytics and reporting were setup to give the Emagine team a wealth of data on user behavior. And the website was moved to a dedicated server to speed up the site and prevent outages due to increased user volume during special releases.

The Results

The end results is a professional looking online experience that is a step above the competition. We reduced the number of clicks to checkout by over 50%, and since launch, the conversion rate has improved by over 32%. Additionally, the new site is collecting metrics and usage trends that will empower Emagine to make better, smarter decisions.

To read more about the project, check out the Emagine Entertainment Case Study.

Anthony Montalbano

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

Published on: November 3, 2019

Last modified on: December 8, 2021