Javascript, Parse

Use Moment and Moment Timezone with Parse Cloud Code

So you want to use Moment and Moment Timezone on using Cloud Code. The first thing you’ll probably see


How to create a CSV export on the client-side (with javascript)

This is a really awesome script which works great for javascript applications. If you’ve saved JSON objects in the DOM,

Google Drive, Javascript

How to trim all cells in Google Spreadsheets

I’ve been using Google Spreadsheets to clean data and I recently discovered this little script to trim (remove leading and

CSS, Javascript

How to make a div sticky to the top when you scroll

I’ve seen this one done many different ways, but I wanted the simplest way to do this with just jQuery

CSS, Javascript

CSS transition callback functions to run javascript using jQuery

Sometimes you want to allow a css transition to finish running before executing a block of javascript. This can be easily