Transforming Outdated Industry Practices

If you’ve ever applied for a mortgage you know it is a time consuming process that involves submitting multiple financial documents, pay stubs, tax forms and id card you’ve ever owned to your financial institution. Surge is transforming this process by automating loan origination and giving lenders powerful new tools through Salesforce to provide faster funding in fewer steps. We worked with Surge to develop a brand and marketing site that communicates their bold new vision for the future of mortgage lending.

  • WordPress
  • Web Development
  • Design
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Branding
  • Admin Portal
old vs new surge logo

Our Approach

We created a visual style that simultaneously communicates specific features of the product, while also underscoring speed and efficiency. The bright colors and 3-dimensional shapes inject a little fun into a typically formal industry. Playful illustrations bring the product to life, animating through delightful scenes that capture both the spirit and purpose of the product at once.

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surge custom illustrations

The Challenge

Surge is powerful and complex product that can be fully customized for a customer’s needs. Our challenge was to simplify this complexity and serve information to the customer is ways that are easy to digest and understand.

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