Creating a marketing platform that’s built to scale

StockX, is the ‘stock market for things’, which serves as an online marketplace facilitating a simple buying/selling experience of sneakers, streetwear, handbags, watches, and more. We created a flexible WordPress CMS platform that enables their team to market product experiences in order to generate organic traffic and ultimately revenue. At the surface, this blog looks simple, clean and easy to use, but the story of how it was built is rich in challenges and complexities.

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  • Web Development
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  • Admin Portal
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The Challenge

We needed to create a separate environment that was consistent with the current company branding, that provided their content team complete flexibility to create rich, story-telling experiences to drive traffic. We had the additional challenge of migrating thousands of previous blog articles into the new system, and keeping a consistent navigational user experience with

stockx website and blog

Making a Sandwich

With a little creativity, we worked with the StockX development team to replicate the header and footer for the blog, which we lovingly called, ‘The Bread’. The header/footer is 100% driven by and this unique method of syndication allows the blog to automatically stay up to date with

A Whole Lot of Meat (Content)

We added additional taxonomies to help organize the article content for users to search and filter content easily.

Instead of using the default WordPress search tool, we used the search indexing platform, Algolia. As blog content is updated it automatically updates the search index for the blog. This allows for the blog content to be searched anywhere on

We successfully migrated over 3,500 articles, matching the new taxonomies and new format of the blog, all without disrupting their normal business flow.

How the Sausage is Made

custom modulesWe built 15+ custom content modules for the article pages to enable flexible, unique layouts with loads of functionality.
responsiveThe modules are fully responsive and display content in appropriate dimensions regardless of the user’s browser or device type.
relatedWe also built a custom algorithm for related articles by creating filter variances to determine what can be considered related.
linkedWe built the capability for the crosslink to search for and pull live data from back to

The Results

Our goal with the StockX blog was to make complex things look simple and the results show. The header and footer sync simplifies complex changes from the main site to the blog. The search integrations are seamless. The better organization of taxonomies simplifies organization. The structured flexibility of article content is straight forward. This was one of the most complex blogs we’ve ever built and without reading this, you’d never know it.

  • 95%

    increased blog views

  • 80%

    increased publishing cadence

  • 3,500

    articles migrated

We’re consistently blown away by AMBR’s work. Whether they’re pushing design to the next level, finding inventive executions of seemingly impossible asks, or offering education for complex issues, the AMBR team is always attentive, endlessly helpful, and a pleasure to work with.

Pete Forester, Editorial Director of StockX