Lean Financial

Web App Design and Development

Desktop and mobile friendly saving tools, with automated bank transfers.

Lean Financial is a web app that helps consumers save for big purchases in the future. As an example, a user can save for a new TV they wish to purchase 6 months from now. Lean Financial will automatically pull money from their bank account monthly, and release it just in time to purchase. Additionally, you can opt to invest your savings and pay less for your future purchase.

Lean Financial

Seamless bank transfers

Lean Financial is built on a RESTful API which powers the site’s interfaces. Integrated into the core API is Dwolla for seemless bank transfers. We utilized Dwolla’s white label platform to transfer money to and from bank accounts. Lean Financial has a series of budgeting tools which make it simple for users to connect their bank account and save for future purchases.

AMBR Detroit built a beautiful website at a fraction of competitor estimates. They understand the current status of the online economy and its tools.

Brendan Lewis

Lean Financial Founder