A Website You Wish You Could Taste

Jet’s Pizza has been making signature Detroit-style pizza since 1978. Today with hundreds of locations across 19 states they still make their dough the hard way, by hand, every day. We helped them bring their unapologetic attitude to their website with bold typography, layered textures and rich images and videos. We also redesigned the menu, store locator and ancillary pages with a focus on usability, as well as provided an admin portal for stores to keep location information up-to-date.

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A Brand Evolution

Jet’s Pizza had recently invested in new photography and video assets for every item on their menu and needed their website to match the bold vision for their brand. We overhauled the homepage with stunning, full width images and video that make your mouth water. We also provided flexible options for displaying promotional messages and new offers. Most importantly, the new navigation lets hungry people start an order instantly.

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  • Every Second Counts

    In the pizza delivery business, getting your order fast and hot is crucial. The re-designed store locator helps people begin ordering from the closest Jet’s store in seconds. The mobile-first design integrates seamlessly with their existing ordering platforms.

Flexible Content

The Jet’s marketing department needed ultimate flexibility on the new website in order to add deals and menu items on the fly. The responsive design built on WordPress allows them to edit every image and piece of content easily, and looks great across all devices.

Automated Daily Changes

With hundreds of stores across the US, store hours, locations, phone numbers, and more are constantly changing.  To keep things up to date, we created a syncing process that keeps stores information on the site current. So now franchisees can make changes to their stores and have those changes updated on the website, without ever needing to login to the site.

In modern ecommerce, experience is King. It’s no longer enough just to “make it work”. For all things digital, the customer expectation bar has been perpetually raised by the companies who found the best creators and executed great experiences. The AMBR difference is going past just “make it work”.. and perpetually striving to “make it work well”. Their ability to blend excellent execution of all things technical and the creation of experiences that show empathy for the customer experience is what sets AMBR apart.

Aaron Nilsson, Jet’s America CIO